The Danger of Halloween!


nohalloweenI don’t see a need to do a lengthy article about why we as Christians should not be celebrating Halloween.  There are plenty of great teachings and articles out there already that cover in depth how this holiday is evil and rooted in Paganism, Witchcraft, and the Occult.  I will include a few at the end of this post.

I want to talk from a common sense perspective and hopefully, Yah willing, at least one person out there may have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and realize that Yah does not want His people adopting the ways of the world.  It blows my mind to see how so many Christians have adopted the ways of the world, even pastors and teachers have embraced this wicked holiday.  Whole churches are promoting it with their “trunk or treat” celebrations.

The most common justification is “but that’s not what it means to me/us, it’s not about all the Pagan stuff anymore, it’s just a fun holiday to dress up and get candy and treats”.  So that makes it OK?  Let’s be real for a moment and ask ourselves a serious question…”Do you really think it matters what it means to YOU?”, or perhaps is what it means to HIM the question we should really be asking ourselves?

Christians were not called to adopt the ways of the world and change them for Y’shua’s namesake, trying to take what Yah hates and make it good.  We were called to be a light to all nations, to be set apart, to be in the world, but not of the world.  I pray that everyone who reads this will earnestly pray and ask Yah if He is OK with you celebrating Halloween.  Sure, to  you it might just be a fun time to dress up and get some candy, but stop thinking about you for one second and think about the bigger picture, think about the spiritual realm and how Satan and his demons must be rejoicing.  We all know that in the end he will not win the war, but when Christians who are supposed to be a light to the world by letting the light of  Jesus shine through us are celebrating a holiday that is rooted in darkness, demons and Paganism, then Satan is winning a battle.

Please do not feel like I’m condemning anyone.  I’m simply asking that everyone search their hearts, pray and study their bibles and other documents to see if celebrating Halloween is really what Yah wants for us.  I pray that Yah blesses each and every one of you.

Chris Pope

Chris is a Husband, Father, and Student of Yahweh’s Holy Scriptures. He doesn’t have any degrees in History or Biblical Studies, but neither did Y’shua or any of his disciples. He does have a heart for discerning the Truth found in Scripture, aside from the fog introduced by antisemitism and bad translations. He does not identify with Christianity or Judaism, but is a follower of Yahweh and a Grafted In member of Israel!

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  1. This is great (as with Home Schooling and many other “Godly alternatives” promoted by comfy zone Christians) if you are part of a vibrant Christian Community with great alternatives for the young eg USA. However elsewhere too often Christians are in the minority in what is often a lone(ly) battle and expected to raise their kids in the same lone(ly) struggle. Eventually inspite of parents best efforts their young end up seeking fun things to do outside the churches which are eventually perceived as boring, full of rules of what you shouldnt do, but never celebrating exciting things the young can do, sports, social activities etc, infact often frowning on these as not “evangelical” enough and too “worldly”. We live, often isolated in the world and function better as people if we are not seen as complete misfits.. No wonder the teens/young adults in many churches are noticed only by their absence

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